Gun Disarming Certification Courses

Gun Disarming

Gun disarming is an extremely valuable skill that complements martial arts and weapons training. Though it may seem counterintuitive, in many situations disarming an attacker is safer and more efficient than presenting a duty or personal weapon.

Gun disarming certification requires 45-50 hours of instruction. The course is split into five levels with a certificate awarded at each level of completion:

Level I: Disarming Active Shooters

Level II: Disarming Threats and Carjackings

Level III: Hostage Situation Disarming

Level IV: Disarming in Adverse Situations

Level V: Zero-Space Disarming

The training is designed for military and law enforcement but is open to security professionals, emergency responders, concealed handgun license holders or persons charged with the safety and protection of others.

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