Defensive Hand-to-Hand for Concealed Carry

checkmate Many shooters think, unwisely, that once they are licensed to carry concealed their handgun becomes the answer to any defensive question that might come up. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Basic empty-hand skills are a must for any person carrying a concealed handgun.

In addition to defensive shooting skills, our 2-day Defensive Hand-to-Hand and Concealed Carry course teaches open-hand combatives and street self-defense techniques that can be used in close quarters when a weapon can’t be utilized; either because it can’t be justifiably brought into play or because time and/or space needs to be created in order to effectively deploy it.

Also covered are methods for retaining a handgun once it has been deployed, defensive tactics, accessing your firearm under attack (fight to the gun), escalation prevention and more!

Students should expect to shoot 200 rounds in this class. A sturdy belt and a rigid strong-side hip or IWB holster that is designed for your defensive pistol and remains open when the weapon is removed is required for the range portion of the class.

Next Class Date: June 29-30, 2013

Location: Albuquerque Shooting Range Park
Class Tuition including range fees (NM sales tax will be added): $150 per person, $125 each for groups of 2, $100 each for groups of 3 or more
Course Prerequisite: NM Concealed Carry License, recent successful completion of approved NM CCW course, NRA PPOH, or instructor approval

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Downloadable class flyer (PDF)