Armed Citizens Academy (NM Concealed Carry plus Defensive Pistol Level I)

concealed_carryNext class date: May 28-29 2016. Why is this the longest and most expensive CCW course in New Mexico? Simple – Because the lives, livelihood and future of you and your loved ones depend on you being truly capable should you decide to carry a loaded gun in public. Quite frankly, this is not an area of your life where it’s ok to cut corners or do the bare minimum.

While completing a “minimum requirements” type of course may qualify you to obtain a CCW permit, it does not adequately prepare you to defend your life with a handgun on the street. This training exceeds the requirements of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety and of Chapter 29, Article 19, New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act of 2003 and it covers critical self-defense topics that a two-day class simply doesn’t have time for. It is is a three-day, 20-hour course of instruction presented by a New Mexico Department of Public Safety-approved and NRA-certified instructor(s).

This class is designed for the serious and ethical armed citizen who wants to operate at a level of skill and awareness beyond that of a typical CCW permit holder.

The class focuses not only on defensive handgun skills but also on the requisite attitude and mindset needed for legal and effective self-defense which includes avoidance and less-than-lethal tactics. Students will learn fundamentals of self-defense and defensive handgun shooting as it pertains to self-defense.

Class tuition is $240 + tax per person which includes range fees. Couples, group, military and first responder discounts are available.

Note: tuition does not include the NM State license application fee, fingerprinting, handguns or ammunition.

Lessons in this training include:

  • An introduction covering course goals and NM DPS CCW requirements
  • Federal, state and local criminal and civil laws pertaining to the purchase, ownership, transportation, use and possession of handguns, the law and the use of deadly force
  • Terms and conditions of the NM Concealed Carry license
  • Knowledge and safe handling of revolvers and semiautomatic handguns
  •  Safe storage of handguns and child safety
  •  Shooting fundamentals and basics of handgun marksmanship
  •  Techniques for avoiding a criminal attack, controlling a violent confrontation, and techniques for nonviolent dispute resolution (de-escalation)
  • Adopting a “defensive mindset,” knowing what is a “proportionate” response, knowing when deadly force may be necessary, understanding the physiology of a deadly encounter, and transitioning control to the police
  • Threat recognition and avoidance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Basic empty-hand skills for stopping attacks and/or creating distance/time needed to deploy a firearm
  • Handgun Retention Strategies
  • Defensive Accuracy
  • Balancing shooting speed and precision
  • Instinctive shooting
  • Chamber checks
  • Defending from retention-ready and low-ready positions
  • Tactical movement
  • Shooting from cover
  • Critical incident reloading
  • Non-diagnostic malfunction clearing
  • Take-home drills
  • Applicant’s demonstration of handgun competency on a firing range (live shooting)
  •  Ways to develop, improve, and maintain handgun shooting skills


Next class date: May 28-29 2016. Contact us for more details, additional class dates or to schedule a class


Two and four-year CCW refreshers are available on day 3 of most classes. Two-year refresh cost is $25 and four-year is $50.

Private instruction for individuals and small groups is also available. Our portable classroom can even come to you for the academic (non-live fire) portions of the curriculum. Prices may vary.

Contact us for more details, additional class dates or to schedule a class