Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention, Management and Survival
Workplace violence in America is a serious problem. While some businesses have higher risk, no company is immune. Responsible companies are realizing that the resulting damage done to employee lives as well as company reputations and bottom lines necessitates implementation of formal workplace violence prevention and management programs.

Violence in the workplace can seemingly come out of nowhere but there are typically multiple warning signs preceding these incidents. Employee training is the key to preventing these situations from evolving to a flash point or managing them when they do. Violence can be instigated by employees, their spouses and other family, customers, contractors, and unknown outsiders. The company itself can be contributing factor to the incident or an unwitting victim.

Through a detailed workplace violence risk assessment, Provident’s experts can help management analyze threats, identify potential risks, and plan strategic responses. Should a specific threat exist, Provident can help management implement the best solution, from separating coworkers, to escorting a terminated employee from the premises, to locking down a facility.

Available services include:

  • Consultation and Threat/Risk Assessment
  • Assessment of Policies and Procedures
  • High-Risk Termination Planning and Response
  • Workplace Violence Program Assessment and Development
  • Workplace Violence / High Risk Termination Training
  • Active Shooter & Facility Lockdown Planning & Training


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