Defensive Pistol Level I

This class is designed for the serious and ethical armed citizen who wants to operate at a level of skill and awareness beyond that of a typical CCW permit holder.

The class focuses not only on defensive handgun skills but also on the requisite attitude and mindset needed for legal and effective self-defense. Students will learn fundamentals of defensive handgun shooting as it pertains to self-defense while working on the development of practical shooting skills.

In this 6-hour (approximately 1/3 classroom, 2/3 range time) class, students will become both more confident in their self-defense knowledge and more efficient with a defensive handgun in the context of a threat outside of two arms reach. Topics include:

  • Threat recognition and avoidance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Retention Strategies
  • Defensive Accuracy
  • Balancing speed and precision
  • Basics of handgun marksmanship
  • Instinctive shooting
  • Chamber checks
  • Defending from retention-ready and low-ready positions
  • Assessing and scanning
  • Tactical movement
  • Shooting from cover
  • Critical incident reloading
  • Non-diagnostic malfunction clearing
  • Take-home drills
  • Options for obtaining additional skills
  • …and more!

Prerequisite: A completed NM CCW course, completed NRA Personal Protection course or permission from the instructor. (Note: This class is not designed for individuals that are entirely new to handgun shooting)

Class Details/Materials:

Next Class Date – TBD
Location – TBD
Cost – $125 per student + NM Sales Tax (includes range fees). Students of previous PPP classes receive a substantial discount
Defensive Handgun – Handguns must be fully functional and have all factory-installed safety devices intact.
Holster – A strong-side hip holster and a sturdy belt are required. The holster must be rigid and remain open (i.e. not collapse) when the gun is drawn and be appropriately designed/suited for your defensive pistol.
Magazines/Speed loaders – At least 2 spare magazines (semi-auto) or speed loaders (revolver). Magazine pouches are highly recommended.
Ammunition – 150 rounds of factory ammunition (minimum). Bring more if you care to.
Pants with belt loops and a sturdy belt – You will be working from a holster
Appropriate outdoor clothing for the day’s weather, including a hat with a brim.